The last 10 years I just thought I was super anxious with depression every now and then. That's what my doctors have said the last few years. Today I saw a psychiatrist for the very first time and she said I'm bipolar. Honestly that makes so much sense. The last 10 years of my life make so much more sense. It sucks going misdiagnosed. I'm happy that I finally know what's been wrong with me. Any one else experience this also? Any advice going forward?



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  • Ambreeon


    I was diagnosed with mixed bipolar disorder a long time ago but what I can tell you is that not many doctors talk about my adhd and I'm just now learning about it and it's like an epiphany. I love these online communities. It makes you feel like a part of something bigger than your disorder, united with people who share your struggles and in safe place free of judgement. Welcome to the beautifully bipolar community.

    • ambll1031


      I really feel like I had an epiphany last night. My life makes so much more sense now.

  • Sickcinattus


    Just keep in mind the change in diagnosis going forward and keep your head up, you've got a much better idea now on how to handle things going forward with the correct diagnosis.

  • Jesuslovesme


    Omg! I just posted about this. I want all of us misdiagnosed bipolar disorder people to create change because I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2017 but the ppl did a poor job explaining my disorder. Finally in Jan 2022 I had time to finally look it up and accept my disorder. I finally started treating it with lithium orotate. A all natural non toxic mood stabilizer and also I got a PTSD shot known as Stella and I am finally seeing results and progress in my life

  • taconado


    Honestly it was such a relief to finally find out that I was bipolar all this time. It was frustrating that it took three mental health hospitalizations to get here, but I’ve been on lamotrigine for three years now and I’ve never been better 💕 Good luck with your future! Your internet strangers believe in you! :)

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