Hey.. so question, is it possible to surpress alters for over a year?

I geuss I thought my D.I.D went away or I was just faking.. but now they're coming out again and I'm confused 😕 we are going through a lot at the moment so idk..

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • ClearyDreary


    Dormancy is real and shows itself in many different ways so it's definitely possible

  • Several.Bees


    We went through this not too long ago, and there are still alters coming in and out of dormancy. I had about 8 years of radio silence which I am learning in therapy was just us being a covert system without me knowing. From what I've been told this is totally normal especially during high stress times.

  • KabdiSystem


    When we were in middle school I was convinced that hearing alters was letting demons into my soul, so I forcefully stopped all my communication with them. They were always there doing everything normally I just couldn't hear or interact with them anymore. We've also had alters go dormant for many years. I think our record is 6 years of dormancy (although that's only happened to a few alters and it was on an individual basis)

    • Pancakes14


      this! I kinda feel that's what happened. I joined a church and was told it was all demons.. but recently stopped attending said church.

  • Marabel


    this happens to me too!!! I’ve noticed my symptoms are muuuuch more hard to manage when I’m going through a lot or been in a state of stress for too long. this used to make me think I was faking as well and cause a lot more harm. I feel less alone now!

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