this is my first time using this app so I don't know how it completely works yet. does anyone struggle with their asthma in school. I use my rescue inhaler around twice a day in school. Walking to class can be hard at times, especially when it comes to stairs. Any thoughts?



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  • Jules26


    Hey! I had a hard time when I was in school too- it seems embarrassing to have to take your inhaler in between classes, but I found that no one cares! Having a regular schedule for your inhaler may help control spikes, but I would also consider a long-acting bronchodilator like Advair or Symbicort. Has your pulmonologist mentioned this to you?

  • tacomaster395


    Thanks for the advice. I do use simbacort for my rescue inhaler for when I do physical activities. But for school I use Albuterol.

  • PeanutBear


    Stairs are an awful trigger for me too! I use albuterol as a rescue and before physical activities, plus QVar twice a day for long acting support



    Hi! You aren’t the only one struggling. It have asthma caused by a number of things, exercise, allergies, weather, temperature and a few other things yet I got to a school in an old building with three flights of stairs T-T. But using my albuterol inhaler before I have to do big activities typically works. I also take deep slow breaths on stairs! I’ve talked to my school as well as my doctor about getting like an extra minute for passing period so I don’t have to rush and over exert myself. -ZYAIRE ^_^

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