I hope this helps others, but I have found that it helps me to tell myself that it's JUST my anxiety and it'll go away. Then I try to focus my attention on anything else. I try to belittle the anxiety as much as I can and it's really helped for some months now. I feel like I'm taking some power away from it by doing that. my anxiety really used to rule me and my life but now I act like it's this annoying fly that bothers me from time to time. like go away I have things to do lol. sending love to you all. stay hopeful because you'll find something that works for you!

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  • chihiro.sen


    i did something really similar when recovering from depression!

  • ina


    i do this, separating yourself from your emotions helps you not get overwhelmed and lets you look at them logically

  • Pusheenlover


    Absolutely!! I was SO scared to go down to my apartment pool for some reason this summer even though this will be my fourth summer visiting it. Once I finally forced myself out of my house and I got to the pool every worry was gone and I was just excited to cool down!

  • Hannah_6


    Thunder is just God's farts because I get scared of thunderstorms. It's how we prevented another panic attack.

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