I'm really upset. I wanted to self harm my legs with a razor blade yesterday. but I didn't. one of my friends betrayed me, she told my husband all these lies about me, as if she wants to steal him from me. she told my husband I flirted with her uncle and he was uncomfortable with it, we all went to a bar and I was having a conversation with him there, in front of everyone. there's more but it gets worse.
I just don't know why she would do that. it really upset me and we are literally moving to another state this weekend. I'm really hating everything

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  • sabbymer


    I'm so sorry that sounds rough 😥 -hugs offered-

  • fratboykermit


    it's your husband, right? talking to him about it shouldn't be an issue- surely an uncomfortable topic, but i would hope that your partner has enough trust in you to be able to talk it out and find a solution. if your friends words made him maybe a little wary? or tense, try to ask him what you can do to really show him that wasn't the situation, and that he's yours, and you want to be his. i know it's a weird situation to be in. i've been on the other side of it, and all i needed was a little reassurance. i hope it works out for you, and... maybe cut off that friend because wtf.

  • Shadowcat13


    I so sorry that’s happening but I’m glad you didn’t self harm

  • Thehoodedcow



  • Phoenix.Afrodita


    I am sorry you have to deal with this; betrayal is a really difficult thing to get through. I agree with @fratboykermit: the conversation that needs to happen is between your husband and you. As long as the 2 of you are clear and in understanding with each other, other people are irrelevant. I also agree that this person is not a friend, and it’s a good time to reevaluate your boundaries with them. Ultimately, none of us can tell you what to do, that’s your choice exclusively; we can only offer what we would think would be the best course of action if we were in your shoes. The best choice FOR you can only come from you. Sending hugs! 🤗

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