So i have an option to go to a real school for high school and the one i go to now only has anout 5-6 people my age (im going to 8th) witch school should i go to for 9th

My school:
-not alot of people
-no people i can hand out with outside
-no school on Fridays
-no uniform
-get off at 1 everyday
-no assigned homework ever
-love my 2 teachers
(its a lady who gets a bunch of kids all ages and teaches them so only about 20 students)
-super easy work

Real High school:
-MORE PEOPLE i dont have any friends to hang out with and i get really lonely ever since school ended ive only seen my family
-lots of work
-its a normal high school yall know how that is
-i have terrible social anxiety btw

I really really need more friends cant choose help please

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  • SourLemons


    it's been a week since you posted this so i hope me leaving this comment isn't too uncalled for. i have social anxiety now and it was worse when i was in middle and high school. but like you i understood that i needed friends—it's not a want as much as it is a social and emotional need (for most people). it sounds like you are really comfortable in the school you're currently at, other than the bit about not having people to hang out with. i think maybe it'd be good for you to try a typical high school, so that there'd be many more people to choose your friends from. it'd prolly also help with getting practice putting yourself out there and learning how to navigate social anxiety in the process. i think ultimately it depends on what you want out of your school years. if you can find avenues to meet people outside of school, maybe it's okay for you to stay at your current school. having good teachers is such a big plus for your school life and education. or maybe you want to get chances to broaden your social skills and become more comfortable with your anxiety. then perhaps the bigger school would be better. i don't think there's one right answer, but as long as you enjoy school, seek ways to make friends (whether in or outside of school), and can be content with your education, you're prolly good wherever you end up. hoping that helps ♡

  • Charles.Domingo


    From my own experience kids were always ending up in different classes and making new friends. By the time you reach 9th you’re more of a grown up and the friends you make kind of stick till the end. I feel like it would be easier for you to move now instead of later. Also consider how this kind of education or school will affect your options later, like college. I personally told my parents I didn’t want to move, even tho I hated my school but I was just scared of the unknown. I now really regret not moving. The kids at the other school were more my kind of people and I would have had better opportunities regarding college and the future.

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