I've been struggling with gender identity/dysphoria since the beginning of college; I was luckily able to join a suite of 8 other trans people who were on the nonbinary spectrum but once I got home things got.. confusing. As an AFAB person it's strange being referred to as a female by strangers, even at my job I would be like 'oh they are talking about me.
Now at home I don't have much LGBTQ support, and along with my gender identity it's been strange in the dating scene too. I'm a huge family person, and alot of LGBTQ people on dating sites are poly; I can't decide if I would be ok being in that kind of relationship when part of me wants to have that one, personal connection; a person I can show my family regardless of gender, take them to social events and stuff. Plus explaining Polyamory is, going to be hard for my Catholic family. Does anyone have any advice?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Ai.den


    Polyamory is hella popular with trans people but also polyamory 100% isn’t for everyone. Do what makes you happy because you have to decide if sharing your partner is something you’re comfortable with because jealousy can get overwhelming and hurt you worse. So first do an internal check of how jealous you can be. Think about your limits and desires. There are actually lots of monogamous people that date poly people :) that could be you depending on your comfort level. Poly people still have milestones like kids, marriage, meeting parents, etc. And you don’t have to be poly to date someone who’s poly

  • EatenByWormy


    It’s okay to be monogamous. Don’t feel pressured by what other people choose for themselves :)

  • darkstarrynight


    I have a Christian family and I'm trans. Feel free to talk to me if you're feeling frustrated.

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