My anxiety is through the roof with my depression tonight. I am currently homeless due to my husband's passing just this last July. He passed due to Interstitial lung disease and an unknown lung infection.

We were a polyamorous couple and apart of the LGBTQIA. My husband was a trans male. He sadly left behind our girlfriend and myself. Both of us are grieving hard. My husband unsuspectingly passed when his condition was some what stable.

Now us two are living from one friend's house to another over the last couple months. We have been living off my tiny SSI check while our girlfriend fights to get on disability. (She has a phone visit with SSI tomorrow morning.) We have a HUD voucher and might have found the perfect place to call home.

Problem is...the landlord wants $595 for a security deposit. I don't have that, even though we have been saving what little money we can up. My therapy place promised to help, but they won't have an answer until right when we need to sign a lease if the house passes HUD's inspection. They might still say no, that they can't help.

The handy man is going to try and convince the landlord to do a payment plan on the deposit. If the landlord says no too then we are back to square 1. I am scouring the internet for deposit assistance for my area. We also have a cash app and even a GoFundMe, but nothing has come of it. I am sobbing, crying, and panicking!

I feel like I am letting my girlfriend, husband, and even our friends down...I just want help!

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