Well not having a good day! My husband is working on the car and he's very frustrated. I couldn't even bring him a cold water without him looking at me like he wants to kill me. Plus my 13 year old son called me the B word over a belt this morning! Thank God my girls are at the neighbors house. I'm hiding in the basement trying to look busy. But I'll probably get yelled at no matter what I do! Any advice??

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Gabby77


    Teenage boys can be so rude and disrespectful. Stay strong and don't let him hurt your feelings.

  • chellesaylo


    My husband is a short tempered yeller 😅 especially when working with inanimate objects. And it tends to drag on until he's finished(or gave up), showerd and eaten something. I literally avoid him at all costs to spear my own emotional health until he's found his own mind again. (He also has his own mental health battles). Hang in there ♡ just do something for you and remind yourself that you are amazing regardless of how others are behaving around you.

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