does anyone have any tips for cleaning a stand up shower. my apartment bathroom is really shittily built (leaking vents in the winter, broken toilet seat, ect...) and the shower might be the worst part. it has all these nooks that trap water and build mold. It's so hard to keep clean due to how fast the mold grows and my depression. I haven't cleaned it in a couple months and the entire bottom where the door is fixed to has a layer of yellow mold along with black mold stuck in the door frame.

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  • PsychoGamer44


    I like using comet ultra but in the spray form, it seems to work quicker and breaks down soap scum quickly. I hope this helps you 😊 you got this!

  • KingKoopa85


    If you have a drill they make scrubber attachments that you can use. I love it. Very effective and i don't lose my breathe

  • milktea


    if it’s a mold issue, (depending on where you live) your apartment probably has to take care of the issue with it first. but bleach. bleach kills mold really well and helps it stop from coming back. i know bleach is harsh af but you have to nip it in the bud. sometimes when im having a rough time, i clean my shower while im taking one, makes two jobs become one.

  • dandelion_flower


    I hope you're moving out whenever you can, because you definitely should.

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