I have ocd but also the religious type I am a born again Christian struggle with bad thoughts towards the Lord and Holy Spirit drives me insane I've prayed and prayed to be set free I have seen other christians on Facebook group suffer from this. has anything helped you what would u suggest I'm gonna start DBT classes this week for my borderline personality disorder will this help with my ocd as well. I want to be able to cope and overcome this battle in my mind and emotions.

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  • Tom1991


    It really sounds intense.. I think you're making your first steps toward getting better, DBT and CBT are good options to start with! I hope to hear about your experience throughout therapy and help as much as I can!

  • Liah


    Hey I get intrusive thoughts too , worst than yours there’s something that changed my life I’ve been having them for a month and now I can say this is working , meditation once a day , but you need to drop the victim paper and become the prey of your thoughts, it’s hard but precious, the fear is gonna go away , and then the intrusive thoughts little by little you gonna see how you don’t get them as often , so everytime you get a trash thought you just need to say that is because anxiety, and let it flow breath with you stomach and do something that takes u to the present moment .

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