my autism has caused really bad separation anxiety. it used to be with my parents apparently when I was a toddler but now it's whoever I'm most attached too. if I'm not actively keeping myself distracted then I get over whelmed with my depression, thoughts and paranoia. I always think the worst. idk what to do. I've been very attached to my caregiver (I agere) since we met and sometimes we can't always talk for several hours and well, it's been 10.i know they probably left their phone at school or something but I can't help thinking of the worst and I really miss them to the point I'm sobbing and I just really wanna talk to them again. part of me feels like I'm being punished or they are angry and I hate it. idk what to do.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • strawberrysoop


    im very late, but im sure everything's okay!! if something was wrong between you, im sure they would communicate it (and if they aren't communicating it, thats their problem, NOT yours)

  • dirtyconverse


    i too have bad separation anxiety caused by my autism, so i completely understand. im sure nothing is wrong! maybe their phone died and they haven’t charged it, y’know? i would do something that reminds you of them! hopefully it helps you :( <3

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