how do you/all of you handle the self conscious side of all the spots and flare ups on your body, I've just been diagnosed with it, and Im really feeling like I need to cover up whenever I go outside in public or around people in general, is that normal?


Psoriatic Arthritis


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  • Phoenix22


    I've been struggling with this on and off for a decade now, and my answer to this changes daily 😞 it depends on where I'm going that day, who I'm going to be around, how bad my psoriasis is that day. Some days I feel fine and don't care about my spots showing, some days I'm so self conscious about them that I won't leave the house unless I can cover 90% of it up. Mine is on my knees/lower legs, elbows, and now my palms and the soles of my feet. Palms/soles make me so much more self conscious, because it itches. So. Bad. And I have to either scratch it and look insane, or stop everything I'm doing (I've had to pull over when I'm driving to/from work) and put anti itch cream on it. But what you're feeling is COMPLETELY normal. If people don't understand what it is, if you are comfortable explaining it then do. I've found that a lot of people just don't know what it is. I just tell them it's psoriasis, my skin likes to try and grow too fast and this is what happens. But it's hard some days 😞 I'm here to talk if you want!

  • Thunderstorm_Lover19


    Thank you for the support, it gets better eventually, mine was on the calf, my back, My chest , and also on my elbows. What anti itch cream do you use?

    • Phoenix22


      I just hate how quickly it can flare up. I need to get to the derm I've been referred to, but it's an hour away and I haven't been able to make it there yet. I have been using benadryl extra strength topical, I alternate it with a prescription strength hydrocortisone (2.5%) ointment. When I scratch it too much or don't keep it moisturized and my skin cracks or splits between the plaques, I use a&d or a couple more natural salves to calm it back down, and I usually wrap the spots in either a bandaid or a plastic bag/latex glove (mainly my palms and feet) to keep the ointment or salve on long enough to make a difference. One of the salves I have has coconut, olive, and avocado oil, beeswax, arrowroot, vitamin e, and essential oils of lavender, melaleuca, thyme, geranium and frankincense. It's soothing on the broken skin (doesn't burn or sting) and really helps soften everything up so it doesn't split again. I can't tell you how many lotions and creams I have now, and I cycle through them depending on the weather and how bad my psoriasis is that week

  • Thunderstorm_Lover19


    yeah, I have a lot of lotions and what I do, is I use the essential oils bath salts when it gets really dry out, and I'll have to see if that works for me as well, I haven't seen a derm yet I plan on seeing one here soon hopefully

  • shtbird


    I use the bodyshop's body butter shea .... no scents in it and moistens my plaques thar I don't feel as much burning n definitely don't feel like gouging my skin off

  • TheHunt


    My psoriasis is in my scalp, and behind my ears, I just keep my hair long and it doesn't look noticeable, but other than that I do not like the look of it, but having my hair long is kind of like an out of sight out of mind thing.

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