Update on my severe cramps. I dont know what to do if you have had anything like this i would love to know what you use to help. the cramps are so painful I tend to curl up on the floor and wait until they hopefully go away. Most of the time they go down a tiny bit. Ibuprofen and other medications like that barely help. these cramps have been going on since before Thanksgiving. im frustrated because it hurts so much. Here's what we have ruled out. no cyst. no appendicitis. not anemic. not uti. I do not know what to do I assume it has to do with my pcos but do not know what to do. please give ideas especially if you have gone through somthing like this.

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  • Onda


    I’m so sorry you’re experiencing prolonged discomfort. I have PCOS and get terrible cramps when I’m on my period that keep me in the fetal position as well. Heating pads and OTC pain meds help take the edge off. When I get debilitating cramps when I’m NOT on my period, I’ve found that it’s often been related to gastrointestinal distress (i.e. gas).

    • monkey1


      thanks for the suggestion I will ask about this we are looking into anything now. The last thing we looked at is maybe pelvic unalighnment but they do not think so. I will bring this suggestion up the next time I'm with a doctor

  • GoddessWinter


    I remember being 14 dealing with cramps just like these I couldn’t stand up, sit down, or lay down, I had tried a bath, tea, ibuprofen, heating pads, everything the only thing that worked for me was 3 Benadryl now you can probably take one in combo with a Tylenol and ibuprofen or Tylenol and naproxen because I have a strong tolerance for medication but it’s the only thing that helped me. Hope you feel better love!❤️

  • graceeee



    • monkey1


      looking into this one Thankyou hopefully we find the cause

  • Tori340


    🙌 you need muscle relaxers🙌 and to find the source

  • Nur2000


    Are you using a contraceptive pill to manage the pcos? This might be a side effect. I was put on a pill called femodette that actually made me cry because of the pain and I had to stop it. Luckily the pain stopped once I stopped it

    • monkey1


      yes but I have been on it for four years. Unlikely to just start now. My gyno and I have discussed switching pills if this keeps up and we don't find out whats causing it. Unfortunately I have to always be on a pill as I bleed for a month then stop a week and repeat without a pill

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