How do you guys cope with the social stigma/aftermath of a manic episode? I'm still piecing myself back together, trying not to blame myself for the discomfort/pain I caused others, but others want to talk and I want to hear them... just not yet...

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  • todd


    Same as a asthma attack, diabetic fit. They happen.

  • honeybunchesofoats


    I've always found it best to step up & take responsibility for what I did. Even if it's uncomfortable & due to my bipolar, it's still on me. I hurt them. It never sat right that they have to suffer because of my disease as well. 😒

  • PinkPupButt


    if you're not ready to talk to the face to face maybe try messaging them online and letting them know that you're sorry for the way you acted, you didn't mean to hurt them and if you did that you regret it. that you're still trying to understand what you did and would love to hear what they have to say but first you need some time to regroup. that's what I'd do :)

  • Midnight_567


    Im in the same spot. I regret what I did but at the same time I still FELT those emotions. I dont know how to go about mending a friendship because I still feel hurt from the fallout and my friend isn’t really committed to helping piece things back together as a team. (Im sorry if im like taking the spot light i dont mean to, im just here to relate 😅)

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