Can someone tell me, what's best to do, when you no longer want the pain prescription meds


Chronic Generalized pain

Intervertebral Disc Displacement

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  • Gidgetmom


    Are you in Pain Mgmt? I understand but am terrified to stop.

  • zarmina


    I got out years ago, no. Had a marijuana card in Cincinnati, but moved to Georgia, and the pain has not subsided. Tired of taking prescription drugs, have been hospitalized 3 times, back to back, and won a class action lawsuit off of one medication

    • justkittenya


      I’m in GA and trying to figure this out as well. My pain Dr basically said there’s not much they can do for me, but I’m afraid to just quit going. I am on disability and worry it will impact my case. I have a low dose THC card, but that doesn’t do much good here.

  • zarmina


    My daughter is into Holistic Medicine, unfortunately she moved to Las Vegas, massages, and reiki helps, weird stretching, and walking helps, the decompression machine from the Chiropractor helps, but nothing long lasting. Hot bath with Epsom Salt. I just breathe and pray.

  • Patricia51


    I am in the same situation but I have l5 hearinated l4 l3 bludgeoning and a torn muscle between 2 and 3. Thc is very helpful when I can get eatable but cant smoke it due to lungs.

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