How do you mentally deal with the disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • badkarma


    I used to be prescribed medication for it

  • EmEm


    It takes a lot of time and self-investment. Dealing with it works differently for everyone, but I would start with getting stable with a mental health "toolkit" by building coping skills. Then you can works towards really understanding the disorder, how it works, and where it may have come from for you. You can eventually be asymptomatic!

  • Yaya3


    Myself I have been in Dbt to help I try to read up on it accept my emotion and my failures or mistakes Ive made constantly through my life and currently I am trying to figure out exactly what self love is and how to use it.

  • MacMacabre


    Weekly Schema therapy

  • vice2410


    I use a mood tracking helps me see when my moods are out of hand....the one I use is easy and simple to use so you're not expected to write out alot on how you feel

  • vice2410


    Therapy helps too

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