what helps you manage your depression?



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  • RaeRae22


    I know it sounds silly but this Finch app I have. It's for mental health but it's basically a journaling app. It gives you prompts, reminds you of goals you have set, and it has quizzes to check in on yourself and how severe your symptoms are. All of the above is free but there is a premium version.

    • Ninalynn05


      that sounds like a good app. I’m going to download it now!

    • Belugabear


      I love that app! It reminds me to take car of myself because I often just forget!

    • oneinchtallbigfoot


      i have that app!! it helps me so much

  • Wormymcsquirmy


    I take duloxetine and I have a bajillion plants that bring me joy. Also YES the Finch app is AMAZING and I love it so much

  • PibblesandTea


    I use an app called Daylio that I love to track my mood

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