Has anyone had any success with therapy?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Onyxxx


    It took awhile to find a good therapist, but after that it 100% helped

    • Lily_Lys


      I had a therapist who wasn't ready to treat me and I think if anything it made things worse. I've been nervous to try and find another. Is there things I should look for?

      • Onyxxx


        Definitely try to look out for therapists that specialize in areas you need help with. They’ll have enough experience to truly help and understand how you feel

  • kthedragon


    Actually no, not with medication either. I’ve been on plenty of psych meds to treat OCD and it came with horrific side effects that I sometimes still have problems with today. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy are mainly used to help treat this disorder but I have trouble with it because I understand how the therapy works so I can’t trick myself into thinking a different way. I am way too aware of my thoughts and how this type of therapy works. I just want to Pavlov myself but I can’t lol

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