Hi, I was wondering how do you all cope with really bad days


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  • tinybagel


    On really bad days I try to first acknowledge that it’s perfectly okay and extremely normal to have bad days. And from there I try to do a lot of little hobbies I love doing or watching shows that are a good distraction. The main thing for me is trying to vent out or express sadness doing something “productive”. And by productive I mean turning negativity into positivity. Even if it’s like a puzzle or video games. Or if you’re REALLY “going through it” sometimes, then you can alternatively listen to some sad or calming music that gets you more in touch with your emotions and vent it out that way. Basically almost “meditating”. You just have to remember you can’t stay in that space forever, because then it becomes more harmful. There always needs to be a balance. Anyways, I hope some of this is helpful. I’m sorry you’re dealing with stuff like this too 💙

  • SalineTurnip


    I try to get through it by journaling and listening to music. It also helps to watch movies or tv shows, as they help to pass the time.

  • Sincerely


    I try and get out every morning early, even if it's just a short walk. I shower and dress like I'm actually going somewhere. If I have a dollar, I go to the store, say hello to the cashiers and maybe have small talk about the weather or the price of gas, then I walk back home. I take another shower, then I just piddle around til the sun goes down and I can go to bed. The piddling varies. Sometimes it's cleaning, sometimes it's watching a couple movies. Sometimes it's just eating sleeping and sh******. I just get through it the best way I know how, and it varies.

  • VentiGreenTea


    Working, doing something creative like drawing, painting, exercise (even like a walk to the store) and other stuff are great ways that I've found to help out. Sleep is also one, because you can't be consciously angry/sad etc while sleeping! Just gotta make sure it doesn't become the primary way to cope

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