Other than medication is there anything else that can help? Also what can I do to see if my condition is getting better?

Irritable bowel syndrome with mixed bowel habits (IBS-M)

Chronic Xerostomia

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  • peachyqueen


    I just started looking into apps like Nerva or Mahana IBS that focus on the gut-brain connection and using CBT therapy to improve IBS. It’s been really cool to learn about how my body and brain are connected and how I can do things to help improve my symptoms without necessarily taking medication, so that’s something you could look into!

    • Morganamber96


      thank you I will definitely look into those apps!

  • karson


    I just started levsin and it's really been beneficial to calming my stomach down and even my anxiety that's linked to my ibs! It does have some side effects: drowsiness, dry eye, dry mouth. and others but I just started it so I'll update you if anything changes!!

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