ok, so I guess I have a problem where I'm overly nice and caring to people, to the point that I don't see of they are abusing me. For four years I worked as a caregiver to I thought was a friend, I person I considered my brother and his family my family. Turns out it was a lie to keep complacent to there shittiness. I was hired as his caregiver and for most of the stuff I did was towards him, yet why did I clean up after his family, wash their dishes, clean his brothers room, his moms office, and a whole bathroom he never used but they used. I've been yelled at by his brother and sister. when it came to cleaning after a table (he never used) it was mostly his sister's items and kids. I was called family, but when ever they went out to celebrate anything, no phone call for me. Then I invited them to a restaurant, to celebrate my birthday, they all said they couldn't go cause they couldn't wake up on time. Even though I told them ahead if time. His sister had the only excuse cause she needed someone to take care of her kids. the only ones that loved me were those kids. Now, idk to quit (which would mean the end of any relationship with those children) or endure, knowing I'm in house of lies and liers.


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  • JayLee13


    It's really a difficult decision to make, but being used like that is terrible. When I broke up with my ex, I got ripped away from my goddaughters, the oldest whom I had helped raise for 7 years. It was terribly painful, but it was easier than staying in an abusive relationship. Good luck with whatever you decide 🤗

  • TyeDarkSoul


    Don't take this in a mean way, being a care giver is rough. You could always request a different home to take care of someone. Just because that family didn't treat you right, doesn't mean there isn't a family out there that wouldn't. If you do decide to ask for a different resident's home, just know, you will probably see those children again.

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