I'm really struggling with my I don't even want to go outside....any tips? or someone I can talk to?


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  • Jellibean_Lover


    I’m here to talk if you need a safe space 💕

  • malks


    Message me if you want safe space

  • jellyforspongebob


    ✋msg me if youd like!

  • AniBug


    Msg me if you want!

  • Niz


    Down for a message buddy 💕 I understand how hard it can be. My best tip is start with 10 seconds. If you can fold one shirt, or move one cup to the sink, or just one small thing. It's a major accomplishment. And don't guilt yourself if you can't. It's okay to not be able to. It's already a major accomplishment then you're able to reach out and ask for help. ❤️❤️❤️ You're doing wonderful!

  • Maya_halle


    Just take things slow! No rush for progress, take your time, be patient with yourselves and give yourself as much understanding as you can. You are doing amazing and you are definitely not alone dealing with this. You can msg me if you ever need to 😊

  • shykitty


    Always here to talk. Try little steps each day. Spend a little more time outside each time

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