How do you deal with your conditions?


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  • lucyspimp


    not recommending to you but honestly, drug habit

  • V0ID


    I see, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of drug are you addicted to?

  • lucyspimp


    various kinds, it'd be faster to list what i haven't done, i only had trouble quitting LSD, Vodka, methamphetamine, & cannabis. i come from a family of poly-drug-addicts, i also take 6 psych meds which isnt very different from addiction in my opinion

  • Sydari


    Just constantly reminding myself how ridiculous my delusions are and making sure not to take the thoughts seriously. Sometimes the thoughts come in like they're smacking me, when that happens I write down everything and reread them then make that my duty. It helps a lot.

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