Is it normal to experience soreness and bleeding after sex? Even if there's plenty of lubrication and foreplay it seems to happen every time without fail.... I don't want to have to keep experiencing this, is there any way to stop it?

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  • Fiesty


    If your vagina isn't used to something coming in too hard or too fast, then yes it can tear your hymen. If you're having sex regularly for a few months (so your body is used to it) but this keeps happening, then it might be something to get checked out.

  • Lolita


    To know how to stop your bleeding, you need to have a physical examination to understand where it's coming from. I suffered from bleeding during and after intercourse, and the reason was cervical ectropion, which I was told is more common when on the pill

  • Mila


    I had light bleeding after intercourse until I started using lubricant. So I guess if you still suffer the next step is to get examined to rule out any conditions that may cause it like infections.

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