I feel like my depression is worsening, but I'm too afraid to tell my doctor.. I don't want to worry anyone but I'm worrying myself, what do I do?

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  • Anta


    I honestly would talk with a family member or friend. If that doesn't work talk with your primary

  • CoolCucumber


    Are you afraid your dr will want you hospitalized? If u work together with them u can loop in a family member and find a compromise (like getting checked in on periodically, instead of having to check into a facility). It helps to explicitly define ur worst fear and then come up with a strategy to confront it

  • Or


    100% tell your doctors. Their job is to help you. You won’t get in trouble or anything. Be completely honest with them, you can even say what you just posted! They only want to help you and work with you

    • Connor..11


      thank you 💕

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