hello, I have migraine with aurora. however my aurora is affecting my speech, my train of thought, sleep, and can last up to 14 days. I may or may not have a migraine when these aurora comes on.

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Migraine with aura


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  • orangeblossom


    Hi honey! I would definitely try to see a specialist, perhaps a neurologist, just to rule out anything else. Then you could discuss some treatment plans to try to minimize the auras

  • Molly22


    The sad part is I am on Nero number 5. I am trying to stay positive. Thank you for writing me back.

  • SufferingMamabear


    When I get a migraine with aura, it can be a grab bag of symptoms. Sometimes my speech is slurred, I use words wrong or am very slow to reply and get confused very easily. The brain fog is ungodly with migraines. 😞 Aimovig was able to help me so much with them that I seriously thought it was a miracle drug. I was on it from '17 to this past March. If you haven't yet, ask your doctor about the possibility of trying it to see if it may help you. *hug*

  • Tori20


    Aura can affect speech and train of thought? It's not just a sight thing?

    • Beth2022


      so much more than that. An auro can be so many things. I get cranky, brain fog, lose words, get disoriented, and so many other things

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