Does anyone else feel helpless when their psychiatrist invalidates their experiences?

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  • Jadie


    Absolutely. It happens frequently and it is not at all okay. The person is there to help you and if they arent trying or making things worse, it can cause a lot of damage to the patient. Advocating for ourselves is already so why do we have to do it to our doctors? Im sorry you went through that shit experience and I hope your doctor or a different one treats you much better.

  • dogdad13


    You're absolutely allowed to ask for a recommendation for a different psychiatrist. It sucks when doctors don't take you seriously, and if they're not going to then the best bet is just to find a new doctor

  • Dhadhu


    I definitely understand this...I'm currently going through this actually but I'm also looking for another doctor as well. Looking for a new doctor isn't bad. Even though doctors are supposed to listen and validate our symptoms sometimes they don't and we have to look out for ourselves and find someone who is willing to listen.

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