Does anyone get total relief or actually reverse psoriatic arthritis?
when I was first diagnosed my rheumatoid dr said that the good news was that it is reversible. I have yet to see any signs of this.
I am still in pain and limited on what I can do.


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Psoriatic Arthritis

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  • sugmag


    wow am very very happy for you. I think your the first one I've heard say that ever. Your blessed, is it an infusion or pill?

  • mossy420


    i think maybe what they mean is remission some people can go into a temporary or permanent remission where your immune system stops attacking body and therefore the pain and symptoms go away it doesn’t happen for most unfortunately:(

  • Leemer


    I have PSA. Any time I have e an injury I have noticed that it never seems to heal back to previous condition. It stays swollen and the pain keeps coming back. I have to wear ankle and wrist splints when it does.

  • Rachi


    Has anyone ever experienced painful sores next to their fingers from psoriatic arthritis every doctor keeps telling me that is what they are from but they keep getting worse and are extremely painful and will start bleeding and peeling randomly! Has anyone every had this before??

    • Gigiof5


      my hands breakout in a rash, itch, peel and crack open. Worst part of my PsA.

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