Other than medications, what has helped you?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Leebit


    CBT therapy (for me not very long yet) has been useful. Researching to learn more about myself. Learning how to apply symptoms to potential triggers. Patience with yourself.

    • JPGalerie


      I've definitely had luck so far with CBT but I definitely need to work on the bridge between certain symptoms and triggers

  • Harvey78


    I was misdiagnosed BPD a long time. And took Delectable behavior therapy. (DBT) i found it most helpful in managing episodes that make me feel like im spiraling out of control (snowballing). I have the most sympathy for BPD people. Their therapy is hardcore no-nonsense. Distress tolerance helped me the most and when i could control my distress the mindfulness became so much easier!

  • CrypticCricket


    DBT, art, and video games that take all of my attention/focus have helped me significantly. I've also had intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalisation programs (PHP) that were based off of the CBT format of therapy which helped me a good bit too

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