I've been having a hard time taking my meds lately. I just... don't have the energy to actually put the pills to my mouth or put the gel on my skin. it's probably the seasonal depression I know but like... it's been EXTREMELY hard to do anything before about two in the afternoon. I'm supposed to be taking pills at eleven and noon and I just... can't??


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  • Sikey


    I understand what you’re going through. It’s hard to find the energy when you can’t even find the energy to just move what I found that helps. If I’m not really into getting the energy to have my meds put in my mouth so that stuff. I found that if I crush up my medication for adults and put it in like a cup of applesauce and then I’ll put it in the fridge for like the next week so that all I have to do is eat a cup of applesauce with my medication, and it makes it so much easier to take it. the executive dysfunction is a hard thing to deal with especially when there’s also depression

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