Work may be tough but at least I have shows, or movies to rewatch for comfort, or books that make me feel less stressed because of how much i love its world.
anyone have some of their own media that is always comforting for you? whether because of the actual thing or its fandom


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  • Jo420


    What are you watching/reading? I’m almost finished with the everlost series again and I did finish I’m glad my mom died a few weeks ago (was great btw lol) but as for media I watch horror movies, Coraline, Bojack Horseman, shameless or American horror story when I’m feeling a type of way. Those are some of my biggest comfort watches and reads.

  • kittyrose


    Avatar the last airbender has been a comfort show for since it aired, I still rewatch it to this day. Disney's Tarzan, Cinderella, School of Rock, and Finding Nemo are a handful of my comfort movies.

  • Clockwise


    Watching my little pony friendship is magic or doctor who calms me after a stressful day of work and when I’m depressed

  • squibibi


    shows I like: twin peaks, what we do in the shadows, kill la kill, how it's made, and the blue planet (it's a bbc docuseries) movies I like: midsommar, hereditary, the wolf of wall street, akira, the silence of the lambs, marie antoinette, and fantastic mr. fox books i like: the stepford wives, the handmaid's tale, american psycho (I know...), ring (the book 'the ring' is based on), and the shining now that I wrote this out I'm kinda realizing that I sound like a filmbro, but whatever, we cant really choose what comforts us

  • FaityWaithyHaithy


    Kids shows often make me feel better. I like to watch What's New Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, and SpongeBob. However, I like teen shows as well. Some of my favorites are Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Gilmore Girls, True Blood, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl. The movie 10 Things I Hate About You is really good too🤗

  • darkstarrynight


    Weirdly enough, watching kawaii (pink) stuff and pink foods being poured out into trays and stuff. Usually @nintendogirl from Tiktok, but people make YouTube compilations too. And watching makeup destruction ASMR (then sounds are really calming) and soda ASMR. I bet some people like watching people make bread on Youtube too, but I haven't tried that. Otherwise, I love cozy blankets and comfy clothes.

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