Hi, it's been a while since my last TBI (I've had two), the doctors only diagnosed it but did no treatment. I've got bad memory loss and balance issues, among other things. Is there anything I can do? Or am I just out of luck?

Intracranial Injury

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  • GorgeousGeorgie666


    There is ketamine infusion therapy. How long has your doctor been practicing?

  • Zozo_ollie


    I am doing Botox injections on my neck, forehead, shoulders, and head. It numbs it and it's been helping me. I get it done every 3 months.

  • Alice310



  • DonD


    You could begin with brain supplements such as organic Turkey Tail & Lion’s Mane mushrooms. I had the most severe TBI other than a penetrating brain injury. Received a Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI), that put me into a coma in ICU for a month, and I am a walking miracle alive and well. Also, DHA supplementation is also supposed to help wonders as well.

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