I am struggling hard-core with weight loss, due in part to my PCOS. Since November-ish, I have put on about 30lbs, with no changes to diet, and increased movement. We recently pulled my IUD, but I don't seem to be improving on weight. I've just started drinking protein drinks more frequently, in an attempt to curve my appetite, because I'm eating little enough that I always feel hungry. But, those are expensive, and not always doable. Suggestions?

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • MandazInTC


    Have you tried tracking your macros? I tracked on FitnessPal and had some luck. October of 2021, I finally pulled the plug and joined a diet program, Optavia. It worked, but once I lost 50 pounds, $500 a month seemed too much. Another thing my OBGYN suggested to me is intermittent fasting, so eating everything within 8 hours. I'm also curious what IUD you had. I recently got the Mirena.

  • JessicaRose


    I had the mirena as well. I loved it, until it no longer worked for me. At that point I had 2.5 months of periods, followed by extreme breast pain. That has since stopped, but still. $500 a month is above my budget, but I could definitely use a program. I tried to meet with a nutristionist, and she wasn't tremendously helpful for my situations.

  • LadyTavali


    So, I’m struggling again but what worked for me in the past was 21-day fix portion control. Then exercise when I was able (I also have IIH so sometimes the pressure on my head was too much for me to effectively workout)

  • Betzkate


    Hang in there. Don't beat yourself. PCOS makes your body work against you some ways. I am working with a personal trainer on exercise and nutrition now. It's $3 a day. I could justify it because we were spending way more going out to eat.

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