i feel alone.
i feel like i dont have real friends.
maybe i do out of state but thats about it.

im severly depressed. i keep trying to be ok with loneliness, and no friends. but i dont have anyone here.

no one cares, and i know

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Bipolar Disorder


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  • Revontulet


    I understand this deeply. I truly have only one friend who lives states away from me. I am lucky to be married but even still I know that no one cares. I am only what I can do for someone and nothing more. I don't think that being okay with loneliness does much, I think that accepting that people don't have to like you or be your friend makes me feel better. It's not me, it's that they only care about themselves.

  • MadAlice


    Hey. We all experience change in life and that's okay. It can be stressful trying to live your life by others' ideals and expectations, but just know that you are brave for reaching out, I know the pain of isolation all too well, maybe a change in routine and proper self care for a week would create some unexpected opportunities for you. Nature abhors a vacuum, there are so many people who care about you, you might not even realize it

  • Liviann


    If you need someone to talk to, hit me up. I know that feeling all too well and struggled with it years ago

  • PorcelainKat


    I'm in the same position. Totally isolated from anyone except my family and my coworkers. And as much as I like and have been partially open with them (my coworkers), it's not going to lead to actual friendship. Hopefully this app is a good step for both of us

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