just found out about the degree # of this Lumbar/thoracic scoliosis I have. I knew I had scoliosis since I was young. I'm 57 now. lots of changes as well. I'm hoping someone can relate. My health issues can be overwhelming sometimes

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

Curvature of spine

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  • Slimgdy


    I heard of been heard about it in degrees I think mine developed I say about 1213 years ago he called it degenerative scoliosis so I’m not having really a problem with it like I said I feel sometimes a little discomfort but long as I keep my weight down it’s much better and I keep walking as much as possible for that in for my blood pressure and diabetes too I think it’s rough getting old be 62 next month

  • Invisible


    I have scoliosis on top of other issues. I forgot I have it, until you mentioned it. It does give me problems at times.

  • Slimgdy


    Seems like mine lately has starting bothering me more.. maybe bringing it up has made me focus on it more than I should have to change that mindset

  • JandJ070812


    I have been going to physical therapy for the last 2 weeks. A lot has been moving and stretching in my shoulder blades. A lot of aching, but I know it's different. Now, my neck muscles don't want to comply.

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