Has anyone here tried natural supplements and vitamins to get rid of anxiety or depression? I have been trying to find something that works with no side effects. I tried Goli Ashwagandha, and it helped the anxiety but I don't know how to describe it but it made me feel really off and kind of a headache. I am now trying Stress Comfort Mood Booster gummy vitamins and not sure yet if they are working yet.




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  • LadyZephyr


    Last time I had an attack i drank some "stress relief" tea but I have no idea what brand or name it was... It worked though so idk if it was placebo or not. I'll need to find it again because it was delicious. Other than that, I like to use aromatherapy with essential oils like lavender, juniper, and sandalwood

    • LadyZephyr


      *anxiety attack

    • differentnotless


      Ohh that sounds good! I haven't tried tea for stress relief. I also like lavender and sandalwood essential oils :)

  • Meemomori


    grass fed bovine adrenal glandular was amazing at calming me down. I used the one from dr berg. I found some organic ashwagandha by herbal roots that was pretty effective. if I took it after a meal and split the dose between 2 meals, I wouldn't get nausea or side effects I also discovered certain nutritional deficiencies are linked to anxiety and depression, specifically b vitamins + B1. non-fortified nutrional yeast (natural source of all the b vitamins) regulates me in a matter of minutes. you also need b1 especially for processing carbs so your reserve might constantly become depleted as you process carbs in your diet. benfotimine (a fat soluble version of b1) was pretty great at helping me stay regulated with dropping carbs some

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