Do any of your alters have past lives? Because my protector and one of the littles do. Visions often invade my mind and replay over and over again of vivid places I've never been to and I'm unsure if they even exist, but the memories feel very real 🤔

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)


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  • Rainforest03


    Mine tend to honestly and the memories they have do feel extemely real to me, i dont know if its normal or not but thats just how it is

  • Joany


    It's strange, isn't it? Katrina always takes me to a small looking apartment that's surrounded by land and trees, almost as if she lived in a rural environment. I also see her with a group of friends. Every time I see this memory, it fills me with unknown nostalgia, as if I had personally met those people and shared my teen years with them.

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