I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Recently diagnosed, and trying to figure the rest out. Anyone else out there? Tips? Advice? My primary couldn't care less unless someone else is there to call her out. I'm sick and tired of not being able to do a lot of things that I used to do. I can barely get dressed most days. I'm sorry for the rant.

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  • Tiny


    Sweetheart, a lot of us feel like you are now. It's all about adjusting to finding the same you in a different way. Pain. Dr's don't care about your pain. They say it won't kill a person but lots of people commit suicide who have constant pain. I say it kills. I personally am lucky it's taken me a lifetime to be disabled from fibromyalgia and it keeps getting worse but I found a red African tea called kratom. I buy it in bulk capsule form because I can't take the taste of the traditional manner of ingestion. Read on it and other natural stuff that actually helps instead of being dependent on opioids and worse. My point is find what works for you and simply keep trying to live your life in whatever form that you can. We just keep moving I think. Trying to be positive. I hope you do well.

  • Tiny


    Ps I am back to feeling like myself again and I am not ever taking opioids again. There are better more natural pain relief.

  • Jess1980


    Excellent advice and props to you for finding natural pain relief and what works for you @Tiny! @Nonbinary...try not to lose hope or get too frustrated. There is something out there to help you! ♥️

  • Fiesty


    Possibly try to get a new doctor

  • Jawbreaker


    Have you tried myofascial release yet? It’s helped me greatly in getting the pain down to a tolerable level. I’m so sorry you’re in awful pain. I’m joining you—- from my couch to yours, on a perfectly lovely Friday night 🤣

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