Does anyone's add push important things like eating or using the bathroom to the back of your mind so you go all day without doing them til your body is screaming at you?

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  • Syrix


    I have and still do often. I have to make myself a decent amount. I've done to hate urinating, but love water haha.

  • Elisa



  • Tom1991


    Oh, I really know what you mean... There are days when I feel every distraction makes me forget what I was going to do, even on my way to the bathroom. I suggest maybe setting times during the day where you make yourself take a break for yourself, no matter what!

  • MrFwarta


    Yep. I dont even realize what's wrong until I've been stressed or anxious for a long time. Then I realize that I'm hungry or need to pee. Lol

  • MrFwarta


    The above advice is great and something I never thought of before. Thanks!

  • Fawn


    Yup, and hydrating too. I keep forgetting to drink water.

  • pinapplesodamm


    Yes.... no food or drink usually. Besides coffee

  • cyn


    Wow never related enough

  • Ahajbe


    Absolutely yes! It seems like I always felt that I had so much to do that I would get overwhelmed and then totally forget about important things even down to bodily functions.

  • MadisonMarilla


    I had that issue as a kid but outgrew it by the time I was a teenager

  • jjj1


    Too often

  • Lora


    Totally I often postpone showering again and again, sometimes for days.

  • nicocd


    yeah! I think it has to do with executive dysfunction. I find it's worse when I'm hyperfocusing or there are other more attention-grabbing things to do

  • Spookstrrr


    YES!! I'm actually so so glad I'm not the only one who does that. Like, I'll be gaming, drawing, or practicing a song on my ukulele, and I'll just completely forget/not even feel that I need to eat or use the toilet.

  • Riley


    Yes! I thought I was the only one!!

  • jb13087


    Yes but our restroom thing is also gender dysphoria

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