Has anyone ever experienced burn out from being so completely stressed out that when something minor comes up or happens that it literally takes everything an then some out of you that you have to fight like hell to stay awake?

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  • exaustedeveryday


    Yes. You just have to trudge through.

  • aleyhaay


    Since dealing with bipolar disorder, I've cycled between sleeping for 18 hours a day, and staying awake for three days at a time. I have meds to make me sleep, but still have yet to figure out exactly how to stay awake except to just try my absolute hardest.

  • AlikeMe


    Can't say I relate. I blame Alike's lack of sorting by pathology (SAD gets lumped in with bipolar, despite the two having very different pathologies)

  • Uncl0ned_Sanity


    I've been trudging this is actually beyond the norm for me because usually It's to the point couple days rest and I'm good to go now its like sleep has no affect wake up more tired than when I fell asleep

  • Uncl0ned_Sanity


    I do know most of it was from being a care provider for the last 4 yrs so there hasn't been much time to take a step back and breath it's like the world will end if I rest thats how the service member and my family act

  • Marsarmyangel



  • alike101


    🙌 yes! Yes! So much yes! You're not alone

  • Mars


    Constantly, especially combined with other disorders that cause fatigue or medications like pain killers or certain anxiety meds, so look out for those as well if this is a common problem, although it definitely doesn’t mean that you absolutely have other disorders.

  • Uncl0ned_Sanity


    ❤️ idk seems to be getting better getting slightly more rest or so called rest keep waking up every 2 hrs...considering all this ive been in limbo of starting my night meds..that and seeing a dr about my anxiety meds...which is honestly causing most of the fatigue....trying to keep calm during panic attack drains everything...on top of stress mood cycling and then external bs...just turned 35 and i feel like im in my 80s

  • Neomi


    Definitely!! You should take some time for yourself to do something relaxing, you definitely need it and deserve it!

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