How do you deal with separation anxiety from a girl you've been dating?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • izle


    Reassure yourself that she isn’t going anywhere and that she like you so she will message back in her own time

  • Kammi


    I am having the same issue. I have this problem with object permanence and cannot go anywhere without my girlfriend. It’s a daily struggle unfortunately. I haven’t found anything that really helps, but I can say I’m here for you and just try to talk these things out with your significant other. Make sure you’re communicating your valid concerns.

  • Cece7


    I would try finding things to fill your schedule so when she isn’t around you won’t be left sitting there worrying about it or needing to be with her because you’ll be busy with your plans. Maybe start some new hobbies or spend time with friends or family and give them your complete attention so you can be with others you care about and learn more about yourself.

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