Hey I've had Epilepsy my whole life, and the Epilepsy Foundation in my state is mainly focused on counseling the parents, and I am now in college and I sometimes wish I knew others my age with Epilepsy. Does anyone else feel kind of alone sometimes, like no one really understands what it's like, or is it just me?


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  • Hale


    i’ve had a good time in college in that one of my coworkers also has epilepsy so i know i’m not alone here, but the epilepsy foundation does kind of suck for peds epilepsy and getting to know other people like us

  • Nikolas


    My friends in college just kind of assume they know what's going on. My mom also has it so it's not as bad back home. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.❤️

  • elo2002


    Well I think you’re in the right spot. Right here you can find people that “get it”

  • strugglebus


    I've had to change majors twice due to my epilepsy and no one understands. They say they understand that I'm sad and it honestly just doesn't help. I don't know anyone with epilepsy either. It's hard but the best you can do is find supportive friends who help through the hardships

  • Ishrose


    ✋ I am in the same boat, your not alone.

  • T.rara


    Oh my god yes. I’m the only person I know with epilepsy and it’s so hard to have to constantly explain what’s going on or why I have to do the things I do.

  • Ecxlipsegal


    i’ve also had epilepsy my whole life, had it since i was a baby and it’s terrible. i used to get really bad seizures as a kid which caused me to vomit all the time it was so terrible. i’ve been seizure free for 6 or 7 years after that, but now i’m 3 months seizure free

  • Gothmoth


    I’m a college sophomore, and got Diagnosed the summer after my freshman year, so haven’t been dealing with it my whole life, but I can definitely relate to the isolation. I’m tired of being treated like a fragile baby animal.

  • Ecxlipsegal


    i also have epilepsy i know how you feel

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