Does anyone know of companies that hire and accommodate autistics well? I've been trying so hard to find something part time, set schedule and no Friday or weekend shifts due to an already set routine, but no one seems to want to hire me. It's been months and I'm getting so tired of going places, applying, talking to managers, etc and never hearing back even after I call them.

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    you should look into working for a call center! those usually offer work from home and (eventually, after training) a set schedule that you have input on. my mom and brother both work for a call center and it's been great for them. my mom even mentioned her autism to her managers while they were doing her first evaluation because she was feeling stupid and frustrated about her performance and THEY felt stupid for not noticing it sooner 😂 they were much more understanding of her behavior and specific needs after they knew and she's had a much easier time since then. one of her managers has an adult daughter who's autistic, so she was more knowledgeable and empathetic than most people would be, but even my brother has kept the same job for two or three years, and he's insufferable lol

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