Hello! I was wondering if anyone else gets attachment to places? I know some get attached to things (I do too), but what about places? Recently I went up to this nice small town for a small vacation and it had coffee shops and small restaurants and these beautiful mountains everywhere, and it was in a valley. It was so cute, I have been going there mostly yearly since I was like 3 or something (I’m 17 now) and I was so excited to go this year (I didn’t used to appreciate it, last time I went I was 14). The day we had to leave I had a pit in my stomach and I cried and I just didn’t want to go back to my home. I felt like that town was so comforting and it felt more like home than anywhere I’ve ever been. I miss it so much, and I’m going to get books (a special interest of mine) and follow their instagrams for that town and county so I can learn the history and stay connected. It still isn’t the same and I could see myself moving there. My mom promised that after I turn 18 in three months that we could go back during my fall break right after, it’s a three hour drive (so not bad at all!) but I am still sort of grieving having to leave. I hated the drive back, the further we got the more I thought about the stressful quick paced environment I had to go back to. It was so slow in that town, and I LOVED it, I felt calm and at peace, and I didn’t realize just how much I was stressed out in my own hometown. I live in the suburbs so there’s some fast paced standard and I despise it. I just want to take my time and not have to mask that by getting stressed about being late to things or having to be constant go. I wanna know if anyone else has this same thing?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Shae347


    I only go to the same sushi restraint, and I refuse to go anywhere else. I think we struggle to find places that are comfortable to us, so when we finally do, ofcourse it will be hard to leave it. We thrive on sameness.

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