Do you have any apps that make you feel less lonely other than this one? I’ve noticed that posting on Facebook or Instagram only makes me realize how little people really care about my life and no one checks in or anything and I just want to talk to people about random topics and not sure where to go for that sort of thing.


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  • BrieMarie


    This app has been super helpful to make me feel less alone in my struggles. I hope you find something that works best for you

    • Cece7


      definitely! It has been my favorite app lately, I’m glad that I found it :) glad it helps you too!

  • JosephOpalLover


    Happy to talk hit me up 🖐

  • Out_Pizza_The_Hut


    Theres an app called "MeChat" it's AI based but it simulates a person. Sometimes they go, they message you first, they have their own stories. Kinda nice. Makes me feel not so lonely sometimes.

  • AngieBr


    Have you tried Afterglow? So far, I’m finding it helpful. The people are very supportive and encouraging.

  • zucchini64


    i feel the same way, it always sort of makes me feel worse when i don't get the attention i'm seeking with posting, so i try not to resort to those things for connections. if you can, try and keep in touch with those who truly care about you. x best of luck

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