anyone has chronic dehydration. my doctor hasn't labeled me but I am dehydrated. aran drinking water alone it passes straight through me and comes put clear every time.

I was dying about 25-30 cups per day and was still being told by the doctors that I. dehydrated. I knew I was because of the symptoms like my lips were so dried they were cracking.

I found liquid IV I'm only drinking 4-12 cups per day but still feel some of the effects of dehydration. also my pee is typically pretty bright yellow and cloudy.

I was checked a few times nothing us ever 'wrong'. I think the doctor just simply think I'm lieing about how much I drink. they know I'm dehydrated from the tests.

Been dealing with this for years very overwhelmed with life. why can't the doctors just listen to me.

Different digestive issue almost killed me over a year ago, I have been fighting with that issue since about 2010. Also the doctors didn't listen to my gram that something was wrong and she didn't make it, stage 4 blood cancer. I just want to be heard and live.




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  • Mimilou


    Hi there, just wanted to say that, I have the same problem about keeping hydrated. No matter what I do... the amount of liquid is never enough. I even went to a drip bar. Where they give you an IV of fluids and vitamins. Felt fine for a day and then it was right back to the same symptoms of dehydration. I take magnesium and potassium, eat little salt because I have high blood pressure. I don't intake caffeine. I only drink milk, water, herbal teas and fruit juice. Nothing has helped me. I've been like this for many many years and now I'm in perimenopause and have night sweats 😓

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