Anyone else dealing with trauma from a narcissistic parent? or am I the only one?

Child emotional/psychological abuse

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  • YanyLaurel


    You are not the only one. You are not alone. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I understand how hard it is. Sometimes it's so painful you literally can't get anything done. You did nothing to deserve this though. Remember it has nothing to do with your worth.

  • MisakiKun


    Thank you :)

  • Tori20


    I'm currently struggling with one myself. I get it. It's never easy but one day it will be and it'll be worth it. Keep your head up and remember it'll all be worth it soon enough

  • QuiGonJinn


    You're definitely not alone. My father was narcissistic and a bully. This first time I have ever called him a bully, but it's true was small and he was a grown man that made me miserable. 😥 If you or anyone reading this wants to talk. Please let me know. 🫂

  • RisingElpis



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