anyone able to talk and just listen and empathize? I'm experiencing a random allergic reaction but have no idea where it's coming from and I feel like I'm not being taken seriously because I still can talk and breathe... the people who are supposed to be there for me, aren't or are overlooking it entirely. Ex) my mom: she had the audacity to write me a letter about my inability to keep a job while I'm having difficulty swallowing and am covered in hives and experiencing pain in my hands, feet, and knees. I feel so alone and discombobulated.



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  • Skittlemasterrawr


    I understand that's your mom But it's ok This will pass How are you feeling now? Has the reaction gone away? Have you taken anything? I'm just trying to be a listening ear for you so feel free to let it go

  • GroceryEater


    When or what is happening when your allergic reaction happens? I’m allergic to latex and the severity of it causes me to be unable to eat fruit.

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