Anybody have weirder coping mechanisms?

I have two.

When it comes to emotional stuff, I have a playlist of videos specifically intended to cause me to cry. Get the emotional poison out of my system and reset, ya know?

When it comes to physical stuff, it's mainly visualisation of mutilation. That sound bad, but it's mainly fantasies of me disconnecting the part that hurts from the rest of my body. Example, usually when I have migraines I fantasize about popping my eye out to relieve the pressure. Doesn't need to be gory, but I am removing body parts even if I'll put them back when they don't hurt anymore.

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  • sunflower813


    Hey, I use these coping mechanisms too! Glad to know I'm not alone. My husband doesn't get it when I joke about removing body parts that are currently causing me pain, but it just helps me cope for some reason?

    • howell


      my dad has had severe pain due to an old accident most of my life, and those kinda jokes are what I grew up with lol

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